Saturday, August 27, 2016

GOLD in ARIZONA - A Prospectors Guide is now available on Amazon.

I can't help but be impressed by all of the hundreds and hundreds of gold deposits, occurrences, prospects and anomalies in the State of Arizona. Gold mines and gold prospects as well as copper deposits with associated gold and silver are everywhere in this state. Once I start looking in areas on Google Earth, I am amazed at all of the prospect pits and mines that appear on the aerial photos as well as all of the potentially mineralized faults

So, why isn't there more gold deposits being mined in Arizona at the present? There should be, but it appears the geology of Arizona is more favorable for giant porphyry copper and massive sulfide deposits, and favorable for small gold deposits - all considerably less than 1 million ounces. 

Will there ever be a major gold deposit found in Arizona or a world-class gold deposit found such as the giant Donlin Creek deposit in Alaska. Sorry, that's one thing that is hard to predict, but there are not many Donlin Creek type gold deposits to be found in the lower 48, if any.

But it doesn't matter all that much if you are a prospector - there are so many gold anomalies in the sunshine state, that there seems to be enough gold to go around for all prospectors in Arizona. And keep searching, a few prospectors are bound to get rich looking for gold

Also keep in touch. As I do more and more research, I will put interesting information on my personal website, blogs, Facebook page. I would also include these in articles in the ICMJ Prospecting and Mining Journal, but they no longer like me because I submitted a paper on South Pass gold. Sorry, didn't realize it was a problem, so I later published it on one of my blogspots - because I like to communicate with prospectors and let them know what I've found. So, if you miss my contributions, you will need to contact them and ask for more of me and my papers.

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